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Dear Dr. Riz,

I am writing this letter to express my deep gratitude to you and your staff for the excellent care that I received from you this past year. After my awful experiences at my previous orthodontists, I must say you run the most efficient orthodontic office I have ever seen. I was in braces for 3years before coming to you and I didn’t feel like anything was happening.

I can’t believe how much you corrected in just 8 months. I was always so pleased to leave your office “feeling it.” Not that it hurt. I just knew something was happening.

I wish I had done my research before selecting my previous orthodontists. I wish you were my first orthodontist.

P.S. I love my Forgiver Retainers


Martha Martucci
May 22, 2006

Dear Dr. Rizkallah,

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am by your work. I met with many orthodontists before meeting you. Everyone said I needed a jaw surgery, but you didn’t. When you checked to see my bite, I couldn’t believe how my jaw repostured for you. It was weird and wonderful all at the same time. When you said I didn’t need jaw surgery and showed me how my bite was deceptive, I wondered what would have happened if I let those other orthodontists do the surgery.

Needless to say, here I am out of braces after only 11 months. My teeth look great. My bite looks and feels great. I feel like going back to those other orthodontists and asking why they didn’t check my bite as well as you did. I still think I might do that.

Thanks again.

Ana Smith
October 13, 2005

Dear Dr. Riz,

When I was looking for an orthodontist, I wanted the best. But I wasn’t sure that I could afford the best. Now that I am out of braces, I wanted to tell you that you need to increase your prices!!

The moment I walked into your office, I thought I should just leave. Your prices had to be really high. The parking, the location, yadyada. I really considered leaving without meeting you. But you gave a free exam. So, I figured I would at least meet you.

When you were showing me my teeth on the computer screen, I was paying attention, but I figured this was just something that I could not afford. When your treatment coordinator showed me the price, I was so happy. I couldn’t believe that you could make that treatment so affordable for me. And breaking up the payment plan over 12 months just made it easy.

You and your staff were wonderful. You will be seeing my roommate soon. She needs your magic too.



Caroline Sullivan
April 30,2006

Dear Dr. Riz,

I am not a letter writer. I don’t usually take the time to write a thank you note. But, I really felt your care for me deserved this note.

When I came to your office, I was expecting you to tell me that I need braces or invisalign. I figured it was going to cost me a lot. I wasn’t sure how much, but I figured it would be painful.

The thing is, my problem was so minor that I didn’t want to spend much on it. Having had braces about 10 years ago I already had a pretty good orthodontic situation. But my front tooth had recently shifted and I couldn’t stare at it any more.

When you told me about your simple aligners, I thought it was the perfect solution for me. The price was awesome, and three months later my teeth looked awesome.

Dr. Riz. Do you know how much it means to people to smile without any hesitation or shyness? Of course you do. But I didn’t. Now I do.

Your simple aligners were affordable, quick, and really made me happy.


Pete McClain
July 5, 2005

Dear Dr. Rizkallah,

It is difficult for me to express how appreciative I am for how you handled both of my son’s orthodontic care. After 7 years of treatment with their last orthodontist, they were ready to pull the braces off themselves. SERIOUSLY!! James really didn’t want to go to college with braces on, but his teeth weren’t even close to done.

When you said they would need to have their braces removed and replaced and that you would have them done in six months, I almost cried. I could see in the photos that their teeth looked terrible. Even worse that I thought. Six months seemed impossible.

James & Matthew look fantastic now. For the record, you were wrong about the treatment times on both of them though. James only took 5 months, and Matthew took 7 months. At least you averaged correctly. I’m just kidding. I really can’t believe how quickly you whipped them into shape. They look fantastic now!

Their dentist recently remarked on how well you treated their cases. My dentist said he will only be referring patients to you for orthodontics from now on.


Katherine Peterson
November 17, 2006

Dear Dr. Rizkallah,

As an adult in the finance world, I felt that my opportunities for braces were long gone. I didn’t even know just what I was hoping for you to say the first time you saw my teeth. I figured you would say that I was hopeless or maybe that my teeth were the worst you had ever seen.

When you remarked that my case was pretty straight-forward, I thought you were joking. I waited for you to tell me what you really thought. But you continued to make it sound so simple. No teeth pulled, two microscrews, 12 months.

You made it sound so simple that I had to get a second opinion. 3 years and 4 teeth pulled was the second orthodontist’s plan. THAT WAS JUST NOT AN OPTION FOR ME. With a little trepidation, I decided to go with you.

I am writing this letter so that your other patients will recognize the difference between your approach and the approach of other orthos. My results are amazing to me. After only 6 months, I saw a huge improvement. After 11 months I was done.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sylvia Chen
July 3, 2006

Dear Dr. Riz,

I have been wanting to write this note for a while. Every time I look at my teeth, I feel so fulfilled to know that this problem is over and done with. You really don’t know how grateful I am to you and your staff.

I knew my case was difficult when I came to your office. I had already had 4 other consultations. You recognized the unique complexities of my missing teeth, and admitted that my case was tricky. But you quickly formulated a plan that made real sense to me and my husband. I loved that you helped me understand what was so complicated about my case and what you needed to do to make it right. It seemed like the other consultations did a lot of head-scratching and not much communicating. It was killing me to not have solutions. You, on the other hand, are a fantastic communicator, and it really made us feel comfortable.

I am so pleased with my result. No one had even mentioned a micro-screw to me before, but you made it seem standard. Come to find out it is NOT standard, except in exceptional orthodontist’s offices. I really admire your commitment to staying on top of the advances in your field to serve your patients.

I can see now why your reputation is so good. You are the simply the best. My family will not go to anyone else. I wish you and your office staff the very best. You really took great care of me. My smile and my bite are better than I could have ever imagined. I can actually say that the whole experience was fun. I guess I just enjoyed seeing everything moving so much. It was really exciting, and interacting with you at each adjustment made me really comfortable. You have a great bed side manner.


Samantha Louis
July 7, 2006

Dear Doctor Rizkallah,

I have to start out by saying that my daughter (Summer) thinks you are wonderful. It was hard for me to deal with my daughter wanting braces while in college. But she didn’t want to go out into the professional world with her teeth looking as bad as they did. Funny thing is that she would not let me get her braces when she was an adolescent.

When she called home and told me that you were going to be able to complete her treatment in twelve months, I was surprised. I had heard 2 to 3 years from many orthodontists when she was growing up. After looking up your credentials, I realized that you are really no average orthodontist, and I encouraged her to undergo treatment with you.

I saw her over Christmas, and was so impressed with the progress of her case. She looked done to me, but she told me she still had 1 month left.

Now that her braces are off, she is so happy. She will be graduating in May, and is interviewing in the next few months for a job. Having straight teeth really makes her feel like a million bucks. It was a great investment in her happiness.

Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.

PS: Summer thinks you are hilarious. J


Elizabeth Crawford
Feb 14, 2007

Dr. Riz,

I cannot believe the change in my appearance and confidence since starting treatment with you. I thought that braces were long and hard to deal with. You made it easy and comfortable. I am not saying it didn’t hurt, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I can’t believe how fast it was.

Thank you,

John O’Toole
April 13, 2006

Dear Dr. Riz,

When I met you for the first time, I was sure you were the orthodontist for me. I really appreciated how you clearly and efficiently explained the nature of my smile problems. I really loved how you described my problem as a “geometric puzzle.”

I am a pretty intelligent person in my own right. Additionally, I am a professor of biochemistry. As such, I recognize exceptional intellect. Masters of their craft have an exceptional ability to educate because they have digested their craft so completely that they know how to express their thoughts in a way that it is easily consumed. As I have said to you many times Dr Riz, you should teach orthodontics. If you are able to communicate your thoughts so well to patients that essentially know nothing about teeth, I can only imagine how profoundly effective you would be in educating orthodontic students.

I have really enjoyed my interactions with you. I always felt I was in the hands of a master. My results certainly demonstrate that my first instinct about you was accurate. I knew you would perfect my teeth. I didn’t know that I would enjoy the treatment as much as I did. I didn’t expect to look back on the treatment and think that it was so easy.

You are one of the most organized individuals I have come across. You run your office like clockwork, seemingly predicting every step. It is no wonder that your treatment time is so short, and yet the highest quality.

I can’t imagine being happier with the results or the process.

My deepest Gratitude to you and your staff.
Respectfully yours,

Susan Myers
March 23, 2007

Dear Dr. M. Z. Rizkallah,

Thank you so much for your wonderful treatment of my TMJ problems. I really appreciated how open and candid you were with me about how complicated TMJ problems are. I had been to a number of practitioners in the region regarding my TMJ pain, and no-one really felt confident that they could solve it.

I did a lot of research on different doctors before I came to see you. I was impressed by your credentials and reputation. When I finally met you, I felt you understood my problem better than others.

I also really appreciated that you did not push me into braces. As a 59 year old, braces are just not something that I felt made sense for me. While you encouraged braces, you understood why I felt that a TMJ guard was a better option for me, considering my age. I know you treat mostly adults and that you treat many patients at my age or older, but I really appreciated the more conservative TMJ guard option.

My TMJ felt better within 1 week of treatment with you and seemed perfect after 6 months. I realize that braces would have likely eliminated the need for a TMJ guard, but I don’t mind it so much. It was the right decision for me.

I am so thankful for the fine treatment you provided. You were great.

Best wishes,

Jeffrey C. Matthews
November 30, 2006

Dear Dr. Rizkallah,

I feel so lucky to have found you and your office. I had heard so many horror stories about people being in braces for many years, and I didn’t want that. After doing some research, I realized that you were the best orthodontist around.

You proved yourself in my case. I can’t believe how much you did in 10 months.
Thanks so much.

Stephanie Brooks
December 31, 200

Dear Dr. Riz,

First of all, I really enjoyed having you as my orthodontist. You always made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience. It was worth the drive from Worcester.

Secondly, I can’t imagine better results. It was worth the drive from Worcester.

Thirdly, I can’t believe how fast you did it all. It was worth the drive from Worcester.

Lastly, my kids will be seeing you soon. It will be worth the drive from Worcester.

Thanks again,

Megan Stephens
September 27, 2005

Dear Dr. Rizkallah,

I didn’t know much about you when I decided to start treatment with you. After a while, I realized that you are not just my “local” orthodontist. People kept commenting on how fast my teeth were moving, and I just figured that was normal.

Just for the fun of it I decided to do some research on you. I couldn’t believe how world-renowned you are. I would have expected you to be pompous with all of your accolades. But you are so easy to talk to.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with my results. I am so grateful to have you as my “local” celebrity orthodontist.


Julie Hanson
August 1, 2006

Dear Dr. Rizkallah:

This is just a note to let you know how happy and pleased I am with the outcome of my teeth after having the braces removed, not to mention tall the reassurance and kindness you showed me throughout the year.

I was very self-conscious about my teeth for many years, and you have certainly eliminated this negative feeling with your expertise.

I am eternally grateful to you and just recently recommended you to my brother, David, and would not hesitate to do so to anyone else I know who may be considering braces.

Thank you again,

With best regards,

Laura M. Wooldridge
January 22, 2007