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2D Or 3D X-Rays?

Our office utilizes state-of-the-art x-ray equipment.
We are leaders in the international world of orthodontics planning and treatment.Click the image to view larger

OR 3D-Frontal-C12-lg

2-DIMENSIONAL X-RAYS: (State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics)

Having Kodak’s most recent digital diagnostic imaging equipment that reduces radiation by up to 92%.

For ordinary cases, our Kodak 2-Dimensional X-ray machine is more economical to the patient and provides all the diagnostic information we need.

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2D-Panoramic-lg-1 2D-Lateral-Ceph-lg

3-DIMENSIONAL X-RAYS: (Beyond State-Of-The-Art Diagnostics)

For more complex cases we also have Imaging Science Corporation’s Newest 3-D X-ray machine, which provides 3-DIMENSIONAL x-rays in just 10 seconds. This machine is a single scan for all needed x-rays. Very Efficient.

More complex cases include Impacted Teeth (most commonly impacted canines) cases, Jaw Surgery cases, and TMJ cases. In these cases, Dr. Rizkallah is looking to understand the 3-Dimensional location and shape of the dental elements in question.

3-D imaging “is like looking through a window, where once there was a brick wall,” according to Dr. Rizkallah. “I can do my best work when I can see everything clearly.”

3-Dimensional x-rays are a diagnostic tool that allows Dr. Rizkallah to do the best planning and treatment in more complex cases. Before such diagnostics were available, treatment planning complex cases had a much lower efficiency and predictability.

We consider our 3-D abilities critical to our success in complex cases. We only use 3-D Treatment Planning for complex cases, because it costs slightly more than 2-Dimensional Treatment Planning.

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3D-Frontal-C12-lg 3D-Lateral-C11-lg
 3D-Frontal-C24-lg  3D-Side Profile-C36-lg
 3D-Lower-Occlusal-C13-lg Fernandez-Upper-C25-lg