Modern care for the Modern patient
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Our Mission

The goal of our establishment is to provide excellent care for our patients. Excellent care begins with providing an environment that fosters safety, convenience and comfort. Excellent care involves assessing and treating each patient as a unique individual, providing options and serving our patients within the confines of their individual desires and needs. And excellent care means holding ourselves to the highest possible treatment standard.

Safety, Convenience and Comfort:

Our office utilizes state-of-the-art X-ray equipment. We are leaders in Greater Boston, having Kodak’s most recent digital diagnostic imaging equipment that reduces radiation by up to 92%. While other offices utilize conventional X-ray equipment, we are proud to be leaders in the digital age of orthodontics.

Sterilization is another point of pride with us. A short visit to our office will convince you that we are committed to an immaculate facility. Our attention to providing a healthy environment is second to none. We utilize the very latest in sterilization techniques to ensure that your experience is a healthy one.

Our office is unique in the Greater Boston area. We have invested much time and thought into producing an environment that is convenient and comfortable. What makes us special? Our ample parking and Red-line access make our office extremely convenient. The spacious and cozy feel of our office can be felt the moment you walk in the door. Your ability to “surf the Web” while waiting for treatment allows you to be productive while you wait, but you won’t wait long because our “high-tech” patient scheduling system will ensure that you will readily receive treatment.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver excellent treatment in the safest, most comfortable environment. Every patient is individually assessed, and each treatment plan is as unique as the individual it represents. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and materials and are committed to maintaining a leading edge in new and innovative orthodontic techniques to ensure maximum results with minimum discomfort.

Treating Each Patient as a Unique Individual:

Orthodontics is not just braces anymore. We pride ourselves in offering the widest range of orthodontic treatment modalities in the area. Clear braces, aligners, Invisalign, functional appliances and microscrew technology, in addition to traditional braces and headgear, are treatment options that may be available to you. Accelerated orthodontic strategies and surgical orthodontics may also be options that suit your needs.

We don’t avoid pulling teeth to correct your problem, nor do we advocate pulling teeth. Each individual possesses a certain set of unique problems that can be handled in a variety of ways. Our goal is to inform you of what we see, advise you and allow you to select from a reasonable set of options. At our office, there isn’t just “ONE WAY.” We are more savvy than that!

Excellent Care:

It is not enough to produce a beautiful smile. Producing a great smile and a great bite is our goal. Our attention to detail and desire to please you is engrained in our every staff member. Dr. Riz carefully selects individuals for his office that appreciate his own personal paradigm of perfection. By utilizing the latest and greatest in diagnostic imaging and the finest instruments and products, Dr. Riz and the staff of Orthodontics at Davis Square are committed to making you smile and chew well.