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Research Activities

Rizkallah* M.Z., Wolff M.S.: Influence of denture surface preparation on chairside hard reline bond Strength. Journal Dental Research, 2000, 79, 178.

Presented at the 78th Annual International Association of Dental Research Exhibition. Washington D.C.
Presented at the Annual SUNY at Stony Brook Dental Research Symposium. Stony Brook, NY

Rizkallah* M.Z., Wolff M.S.: Quantitative & SEM evaluation of bond performance from three chairside hard reline systems on three denture surface preparations.

Recently Submitted for Publishing, Journal of Prosthodontics.
Presented at the ADA National Convention, October 2000.
SCADA National Award Winner Chicago, IL

Rizkallah* M.Z., Giordano R., Pober R.: Effect of glazing aluminum oxide orthodontic brackets on torquing fracture strength.

Rizkallah* M.Z., Giordano R., Pober R.: Resin infused ceramic orthodontic brackets: An esthetic alternative with higher fracture strength.

Rizkallah* M.Z., Giordano R., Pober R.: Electron dispersive spectroscopy of seven popular aluminum oxide orthodontic brackets: A crystalline grain size and composition analysis.