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Also known as interproximal reduction (IPR), it is a time-tested process that has been utilized for over a century and offers numerous benefits.  As such, it is strongly encouraged by the American Association of Orthodontists.  Benefits include resolving crowding without expansion or extraction, closing gum-line spaces, decreasing food collection between teeth, and increasing tooth stability.

The rationale behind slenderizing is that each tooth has an excess of enamel.  Minor removal of enamel across multiple teeth, according to the American American Association of Orthodontists, is a conservative, time-tested approach to resolving a variety of dental problems.

Click here to see the American Association of Orthodontists Brochure on Slenderizing/ Interproximal Reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does it Hurt?


  2. How long does it take?
    30 seconds to 5 minutes


  3. Does it predispose me to cavities?
    No, but it may protect against cavities


  4. Are there any long-term consequences?


  5. Will my teeth look too small?


  6. Can it make my front teeth smaller?


  7. Can it eliminate my gumline spaces?
    Yes, or at least significantly reduce the spaces.


  8. If I have sensitivity, will it go away?
    Most people do not have sensitivity, but it is temporary if sensitivity occurs.


  9. Who should do the slenderizing?
    Only the doctor/orthodontist